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June 29, 2016
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May 9, 2017
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What’s your driving force? What motivates you to attain your goals?

So often we find ourselves slaving day and night to achieve our goals with the intent to live a happy and comfortable life. Despite the one million and three possible answers for the question, “What motivates you?” without even realizing it, that drive we have is often stemmed from fear. Fear of not knowing. Fear of being broke. Fear of settling for less. Fear of failure!

My younger self-promised to work as hard as she could to ensure that I could live under a roof with the bills paid and be able to travel without having to worry about the incurring expenses. But I mean, who else doesn’t want such things? The reason being: I feared being unsuccessful and broke. Lately, I seem to be asking myself, “Girl, what the hell are you so afraid of?” If I put in the required effort, the success will inevitably follow. And at this point faith replaced fear.

We exert so much time and energy trying to avoid a circumstance just to be our own selfish definition of ‘happiness’ that we can fail to enjoy life for what it truly is. Get rid of the fear and have faith that your life will be just as it is intended to be! We need to be hopeful and optimistic that everything will, in fact, work out for the better. Everything will sort itself out! Don’t be fearful, have faith!

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