Announcing The ‘INC Your Dreams’ Internship Program!

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July 27, 2016
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As you know, one of our main focuses with Let’s INC is to help students seeking career advancement through mentorship and on the job training.  To aid us in that process, we are proud to announce The ‘Inc Your Dreams’ Internship program.

This program is designed to give our fellow dreamers the on-the-job-experience in their interested career path that will make a definite difference as they enter the next step in their professional career.

Internships are simply must haves nowadays. Not only does an internship provide real world experience and needed exposure in your particular field, it allows you to get connected and build your professional network. As you climb the career ladder, we cannot stress enough how important it will be to have a solid professional network that you can lean on for mentorship, guidance, and recommendations. Internships also help with the learning curve. By participating in an internship, it can either reaffirm your love for your future profession or let you know you may need to re-evaluate some of your goals.

Simply put, Let’s INC firmly believes in the importance of at least one internship.

Whether you are interested in law, finance, STEM or something in the creative field; the ‘INC Your Dreams’ internship program can help!

If you or someone you know is in 4th or 5th form in high school or currently enrolled in college, and interested in this valuable experience, we strongly encourage you to apply today!

Click HERE to download the application and email us at to submit the completed form and/or if you have further questions.


TeAndra Thomas
TeAndra Thomas
A Mechanical Engineer by profession, TeAndra enjoys tinkering with things. With a nice jump shot, pretty decent handles and the strength to make some mean tackles, there is no doubting her love of sports. She brings the passion and energy she has on the field, off the field as well. She loves her community and is committed to making a difference in any small way she can. She can be reached via email at

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